Atlantic Swing Festival II

17-20 February 2012
Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl
Gontran Galinier & Abeth Farag
Gordon Webster Band

5.5 hours for 3 levels on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with Skye & Frida and Gontran & Abeth
+ Jazz class for leaders with Skye on Sunday
+ Jazz class for followers with Frida on Sunday
+ 3-hour Invitational Master Class with Skye & Frida, for advanced dancers on Monday afternoon (limit of 10 couples and must receive an invite from Abeth to join)

Beginners Workshop with Alan Stubbs and Diana Rocha:
3 hours on Saturday afternoon for Lindy Hop Portugal dancers who have just started having classes and for people interested in trying out Lindy Hop for the first time.

Parties (at Maus Hábitos):
Friday: DJ Party
Saturday: Party with band - Gordon Webster Band from New York! - venue TBA
Sunday: Bring and Share Dinner + Dance (Portuguese "convívio")
Monday: Masquerade Party for Carnival - bring a costume!!!

===Prices and registration (include all classes and parties)===

Levels 1-3 + jazz class + parties:
90 euros until 13 Feb
105 euros after 13 Feb

Level 3 + Invitational Master class + jazz class + parties:
150 until 13 Feb
160 after 13 Feb

Invitational Master class + Jazz + parties:
85 until 13 Feb
95 after 13 Feb

Beginners workshop on Saturday + all parties - subject to minimum of 10 participants
35 euros until 17 Feb
40 euros after 17 Feb

Beginner's Workshop on Saturday + Party on Saturday with Band:
20 euros until 17 Feb
25 euros after 17 Feb

Beginner's Workshop on Saturday (no parties):
10 euros until 17 Feb
15 euros after 17 Feb

Parties only:
35 euros

Ver mapa com locais do ASF II